Syarifah Kirana binti Syed Ghazali has been in the fashion design industry since 1990, and is one of the most recognised female pioneers of fashion design in Malaysia. Her distinctive designs are known for their traditional characteristics that guide the style, motif and cut, combined with a contemporary touch. Just like her name, “Kirana”, each of her creations bear a classic touch. Syarifah Kirana is also one of the local fashion designers who have long admired the Pahang Tenun fabric, and have involved herself in many promotional efforts for the fabric both locally and internationally. Syarifah Kirana not only uses the Pahang Tenun fabric in her designs, but also for other artistic endeavours, especially in the visual arts. She uses pieces of the cloth in visual arts creations combined with the use of pastel colours. Historical characters such as Tun Teja Ratna Benggala, Puteri Kamaliah and Puteri Ungu, among others, serve as inspiration.